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Installment One: A Killer, A Murder, A Mystery​.​.​.

by This Unique Museum



The EP "Installment One: A Killer, A Murder, A Mystery..." is a collection of tracks written by The Killers but re-arranged and reinterpreted by Fitton to still capture the lyrical essence and unique resonance of the band whilst peeling back the layers of the song to create an almost. unrecognisable version of each track, save the lyrics and melodies.

The idea for the EP blossomed when This Unique Museum added the track Mr Brightside to their set- list. The song received such large appreciation that further tracks by The Killers were added and the EP "Installment One: A Killer, A Murder, A Mystery..." was born.

The release is in no way an attempt to improve on the originals but present an alternative take on an already perfect set of pop songs.

The EP is being re-mastered and re-released on 27th June 2011 and will only be available in a digital format from all good digital outlets


released June 27, 2011



all rights reserved


This Unique Museum Northamptonshire

Sadly This Unique Museum are no longer performing but thanks for all the support along the way.


Gentle low-fi indie acoustic folk from a tea-loving englishman.

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